Dashboard & Overview

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The Dashboard gives you the possibility to drill down to 1 farmer, crop, or order. It also allows you to zoom out to the levels association, region, or harvest.

On the right is a menu with tabs that plot and drill down your organisation. Under these tabs there are some admin setting only available to the role WSA. When clicked on the detail line of 1 level, a filtered view of the underlaying level will open.


In the details of a region, all active association are shown. When I click on 1 of these associations, the tab association wil open and show a filtered view of the detail line I just clicked.

The top tab in the menu is the overview page. 

This page contains some charts, graphs, statistics and insights.


At the top of the overview page some smart charts give insights.

The statistics show the total numbers of the supplier (All), and  the specified numbers per crop. Some interesting facts can be learned from these statistics. In the screenshot above, there are 8 farmers in total, but the number of farmers per crop will together add up to 9. That means there is a farmer that has more than 1 crop.

For the Field officers, the 'All' line states the total number of registered Field officers, while the detailed lines give insights in the number of Field officers active in the purchasing of that specific crop. In the screenshot it becomes clear that there are 10 Field officers, of which a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 are active.

Drill downs and graphs

Below the statistics there are drill downs and graphs. Items shown in the graph can be selected from the dropdown menu. In the graph you can easily hide items by clicking on them in the legend. 

It is possible to adjust the view from a year to a month, and get details of this month up to a daily level. These graphs shows how many orders, farmers, field officers, etc. are added in the selected period. 

Possible insights can be: 

- The amount of harvest is increasing , without adding extra farmers (yield per farmer is increasing)

- A lot of Field officers are added, without an increase in orders (staff turnover is high)

- etc.

Play around and learn form your organisation!

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