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Live insights in the digital collecting and connecting produce for the first mile from farm to factory.

Collect produce for a specific project by using a  supply code. Get life insights in progress and yield. Export with one click to the next link in the supply chain.

The harvest tab shows current and past harvests. The roles WSA and SUP can add extra harvests.

A harvest collects a specific produce in a specific timewindow under a specific "SUPPLY CODE".

The harvest overview shows the supply code, what crop is harvested, the total amount required, how much produce is already collected (%), the start date and the end date.

In the right top a 'plus' can be clicked to add a new harvest. The startdate will automatically be used to create a Supply code, that can be editted manually. 

When the first harvest will end with "-1", the second harvest with the same startdate will get a follow-up "-2", "-3", etc.

Overview and download

When clicking on the harvest overview, a collection of the orders in this harvest is shown.

Harvests can be deleted when there are no orders added to the harvest. 

When orders have been added, a harvest can only be editted.


The available download file can be used to import data directly into 

the system of the next link in the supply chain. 

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